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Tangible is migrating to re.al, the permissionless L2 for tokenized RWAs. All assets must be migrated to re.al in order to collect future yields.

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3,3+ NFTs

Multiply your TNGBL tokens and earn passive USDC income by
locking your tokens.

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3,3+ NFT Dashboard


3,3+ NFTs

3,3+ NFTs

3,3+ NFTs

How to create &
Earn with 3,3+ NFTs


Set up your wallet

Make sure your wallet is DeFi compatible and connected to the Polygon Network.

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Select your lockup period

Choose how long you would like to lock your TNGBL tokens for. The longer the lockup, the higher the multiplier.


Mint your 3,3+ NFT

Once you have chosen your lockup period, choose how many TNGBL tokens you would like to lock, and mint your NFT.

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Claim your passive income

You can claim your passive USDC income as it accrues in real time. No rebases!

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